For our endowment clients, we view the primary objectives to be twofold: sustainability and governance:


Sustainability meaning the portfolio is designed to continually exist while providing for regular distributions. By using strict screens and a diligent investment process, we strive to identify high-quality investments that have stood the test of time. We take great care to efficiently position those assets using advanced asset allocation strategies so as to avoid taking on unnecessary risk.

Other important factors:

  • Expected return
  • Standard Deviation (risk)
  • Correlation Coefficient


From a Governance standpoint, we utilize a prudent process to ensure investment products and services provided are consistent with applicable governing documents maintained in the “Fiduciary File,” such as the Investment Policy Statement, which is the single most important governing document and should be reviewed once annually.

Other important factors:

  • Role Clarity
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Service Agreements & Fees
  • Documented Due Diligence Process